Losing weight

I’m trying to lose some weight. I remember when I weighed 180 pounds and thought that was too much, and as of Christmas of 2007, I weighed over 220. I’m around 6’ 4”, so that puts me in the “overweight” category.

I realized I needed to make some changes. I set my start date to New Year’s Day — a little clichéd, I know — and came up with a plan. I joking refer to it as the “Quit Eatin’ So Goddamned Much” diet, but it’s a little more than that.

  • Portion control. I limit amounts. For example, I used to drink over half a gallon of nonfat milk every day; now I limit myself to one or two 12-ounce glasses.

  • No sugary drinks. Instead of Coke, I get water.

  • Unlimited fruits and vegetables. This one is fun. If I feel like snacking in the evening, I’ll often grab a bowl of grapes. When I’ve gone out to lunch, I’ve been getting the salad along with soup or a sandwich.

  • No alcohol. I didn’t drink much before, but the calories from alcohol (like Long Islands — mmm, Long Islands) are problematic. In addition, my triglycerides are way too high, and alcohol is bad for them.

This morning, I was at 204.6. Things seem to be going well so far.

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Brad just moved down one notch on his brown belt. Any more weight loss and he’ll have to splurge and buy a new one!

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