Losing weight

I’m trying to lose some weight. I remember when I weighed 180 pounds and thought that was too much, and as of Christmas of 2007, I weighed over 220. I’m around 6’ 4”, so that puts me in the “overweight” category.

I realized I needed to make some changes. I set my start date to New Year’s Day — a little clichéd, I know — and came up with a plan. I joking refer to it as the “Quit Eatin’ So Goddamned Much” diet, but it’s a little more than that.

  • Portion control. I limit amounts. For example, I used to drink over half a gallon of nonfat milk every day; now I limit myself to one or two 12-ounce glasses.

  • No sugary drinks. Instead of Coke, I get water.

  • Unlimited fruits and vegetables. This one is fun. If I feel like snacking in the evening, I’ll often grab a bowl of grapes. When I’ve gone out to lunch, I’ve been getting the salad along with soup or a sandwich.

  • No alcohol. I didn’t drink much before, but the calories from alcohol (like Long Islands — mmm, Long Islands) are problematic. In addition, my triglycerides are way too high, and alcohol is bad for them.

This morning, I was at 204.6. Things seem to be going well so far.

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Brad just moved down one notch on his brown belt. Any more weight loss and he’ll have to splurge and buy a new one!

Change your keypad's plus key to a tab key

Run this registry file to change your keypad’s plus key to a tab key. (If you don’t know why this would be useful, it isn’t for you.) You will have to reboot for the changes to take effect.
Note that in general, you shouldn’t trust registry files from other people. I invite you to look at the contents of the file to verify that it doesn’t do anything bad.
Updated October 8, 2008: Someone wanted to know how to undo this. I’ve attached another registry file to undo the change.
Updated January 22, 2009: For those that don’t have administrator rights on their computer, I’ve attached a file to make the change and a file to undo the change. Instead of rebooting, you can simply log out and log back in to see the changes. (Please note that this only changes the keyboard mapping for the current user.)

New look for site

No one, including yours truly, liked the look of this site, so I’ve changed the default theme. Enjoy.