Heading to Děčín again

I’m going to Děčín again. I’m leaving late Sunday afternoon and returning Friday afternoon. Then, Friday night, I’m taking the girls camping with my family. I might be a little sleepy at that time.

Where was Sarah in 1787?

Article 1, Section 10, paragraph 2.

There shouldn’t be an apostrophe. See the misspelling for yourself on page 2 of the copy of the Constitution at the National Archives.

Happy Constitution Day!

Constitution Day resources at the Library of Congress web site

I can’t believe I forgot to get out the Constitution Day decorations.

To celebrate, why not download the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence, Pocket Edition [PDF, 416kiB] from the U.S. Government Printing Office?

Please, oh please, don’t let this suck

“Hitchhiker’s Guide” series to ride again

LONDON (Reuters) - Children’s author Eoin Colfer is to write a sixth novel in the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” series, seven years after the death of its creator Douglas Adams, publishers Penguin said on Wednesday.

Addy gets new glasses

“Now, see, with these glasses, you won’t get any older and you won’t ever die.”

Brad’s contribution to the English language

col•lins |ˈkɒlɪnz| informal
verb [ intrans. ]
move in a predictable manner until a particular time or until a particular event occurs : he chose to collins around until his wife came out of the store.
ORIGIN : named after American astronaut Michael Collins (1930–), member of Apollo 11 crew who orbited the Moon while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the lunar surface.

Won’t someone please think of the children?

Oh my God! What are they doing to this baby! Someone help!

You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have babies with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads!