Elsa Marie Wenzlaff

Received from Jason on Friday:

Elsa Marie Wenzlaff (10 lbs 1 oz) was born at 10:56 this morning. Mother and daughter are doing well.

Congratulations, Angie and Jason!

Allan's 9 month check-up

Today’s stats are as follows: Length: 30 1/2 inches (greater than 95th percentile) Weight: 24 lbs, 11 oz. (90th percentile) Head size: 18 1/4 inches (75th percentile)

The vault with almost every LEGO set ever made

LEGO’s Memory Lane vault is something to behold. As an aside, I should note that I didn’t realize the LEGO Space Galaxy Explorer was loved by so many.

Applications for babies and toddlers

I’ve been meaning to write an application to let kids bang on keyboards since before Katrina was born. Thankfully the world need not wait for me to get around to this.

Elena and Allan really enjoy AlphaBaby — I’ve configured it to speak the letters pressed, display random pictures we’ve taken in the past year for other keys and mouse clicks, and draw colored stars on mouse movement. Allan tried Baby Smash yesterday on my work laptop and enjoyed it — it has a different yet equally enjoyable set of features. He also enjoyed pulling off the H and J keys from the keyboard.

(Comment from old site:)

These are great pictures!

These are great pictures! Why wouldn’t the Town Kids love computers?

The original order of colors in a 24-count Crayola® crayons box


back violet red scarlet indigo green yellow gray dandelion cerulean apricot

yellow orange yellow green white red violet red orange carnation pink blue violet blue green
front violet (purple) orange brown black yellow red green blue

(Comments from old site:)

Wow. Have you thought of

Wow. Have you thought of some possible hobbies?

I have 3 boxes of

I have 3 boxes of jumbo-sized paperclips that seem to have gotten all jumbled together. I need someone to count them and ensure that there are, indeed, 200 clips in each box. I also need them to be in neat stacks, facing the same direction. Can you help me with that after you’re done with the crayons?


WHAT HAVE WE CREATED????? You kids are all ocd candidates.Love Ya!

An open letter to the driver of that shiny black car this morning

It is a left-turn lane. It’s labeled with road markings and signs and everything. See the red circle in the picture there? Yeah, that means you’re supposed to follow that green line. I follow the blue line. (Please note: The colored lines are not actually there in real life.) You were not supposed to go straight, and that’s why I got in front of you.

You also did not succeed in scaring me to move over with your aggressive driving because your car is all nice and shiny and black with fancy tinted windows and mine’s a ’96 Saturn that has been repaired with Super Glue and red tape.