Facts about Mr. Bear

Here are some facts about Katrina’s teddy bear, Mr. Bear.

  • Mr. Bear is a Ty Pluffie called Slumbers.
  • Mr. Bear was purchased by John McKenzie, a friend of Brad’s, and given to Helen and Brad at Katrina’s baby shower. (John was Brad’s manager at TPI and is now part owner of Majority Controls LLC.)
  • When she was still learning to talk, Katrina gave Mr. Bear the first name “Beebeebee”, pronounced [βi βi ˈβiː] in IPA. Pronouncing it “bee-bee-BEE” or “vee-vee-VEE” is close, though using voiced bilabial fricatives (a sound between a ‘b’ and a ‘v’) is better.
  • Some of Mr. Bear’s friends and family, originally purchased as possible Mr. Bear stand-ins, have the same first name as Mr. Bear. (Brad: “Hey, you sat on Beebeebee!” Katrina: “No, that’s Beebeebee’s friend, Beebeebee.”)
  • According to Katrina, Mr. Bear is a girl, though masculine and feminine pronouns are often used interchangeably.
(Comment from the old site:)

Will the "real" Mr Bear please stand up?

I think Mr Bear’s CURRENT picture should be displayed as well, for comparison purposes.

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