Calling ALL interior decorators!

Please! I need to know whether these curtains look right! In the JCPenney Catalog, the image of these exact curtains looked gorgeous. I decided against using the clips (as pictured in the catalog). Keep in mind that the curtains do have to be hemmed (and pressed). What’s your opinion?

Apparently Lakeshore did not prepare me adequately for being the proper homemaker. I have know idea how to decorate my house! The opposite window will most likely have just the multicolored curtain, shears, and a swag at the top. I’m still waiting for my installer (ahem…) to help me with that side.

(Comments from old site:)

Okay, we got it today!~

I think the rod needs to go higher and then maybe get holdbacks to pull them back and leave the sheers down. They have gorgeous metal ones, probably to match the rod. That is just my opinion. They are beautiful though!


You mean, the rods should go above the top (half-moon) window? Yikes-then I’d have to order new curtains for that length! Hmm. The holdbacks are a good idea—actually there are fabric ones that came with the curtains, but I never considered the metal ones. I will have to ponder. Thank you for your help!

Well, maybe just try the

Well, maybe just try the metal hold backs. They might help the most. I hope that works! Have a great weekend

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