Will Ebert and Roeper create another show?

I saw via a Reuters article that Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper are officially leaving their eponymous show. Roger Ebert, my favorite film critic, hasn’t been on the show for a year or two. The thumbs left the show earlier this year, leaving the two critics (typically Roeper and Michael Phillips) to offer “See It”, “Skip It”, and an occassional “Rent It” recommendation.

Maybe — maybe — they’re preparing to start another show, perhaps one that gives them more of something (control? money? visibility?). The evidence is circumstantial but compelling: they announce within a day of each other that they’re leaving the show, and as I mentioned, the famous thumbs have already left; they each reference the standards or tradition of the old show in their statements; in Ebert’s statement, he states “the thumbs will return”.

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