My discovery flight yesterday, plus jam

For Christmas Valentine’s Day, Helen bought me a discovery flight from Brooklynair, a flight school on Grosse Ile. I finally took it yesterday.

I’m pretty sure the plane was a Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse. The wind buffeted the two-seater around quite a bit, but it didn’t bother me. The fact that I had a death grip on the stick would have been true regardless of the wind.

On the way home, I stopped to get some Magic: The Gathering cards at a shop in Wyandotte. I’m not a collector or anything — I think we have one starter pack around here from a few years ago, and that’s about it. A few weeks ago I saw that they were releasing a new edition on Friday, and I thought it might be fun to get a couple of decks that Helen and I could play — we’re always looking for good two-player games. The store was closed until noon, so I had half an hour to kill.

There was a Polish market nearby, so I stopped in. I strolled around inside, looking for anything to catch my eye. I knew there are different Polish foods that Helen enjoys, but I didn’t really know what they were, so I was hoping if they were there, I’d spot them.

Then, in the third or fourth aisle (this was a pretty large Polish market, located on Fort Street), I saw what I didn’t know I was looking for — jams. Helen’s been talking about wanting red currant jam for several months now, but all she’s been able to find is red currant jelly. Well, it took a minute, but I found some red currant jam in that aisle, and I knew I would be one of Helen’s favorite people that day.

After leaving with two jars of jam, a bag of pierogi, some horseradish mustard, and a pound of kabanosy (one of my favorite kinds of sausage), I headed to the card store. After stopping into the store, getting a brief lesson in the insanity that is Magic: The Gathering, leaving to get cash at the bank across the street because they don’t take credit cards, going back into the card store, and buying two core decks of the new Tenth Edition cards, I headed home.

UPDATE: Helen tells me it was Valentine’s Day.

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