Can you pick out Brad in the picture?

Brad's First Communion

Recently, during my scanning frenzy, I came upon this picture of Brad’s First Communion at the Annex in Stevensville, MI. The Annex was part of the St Joseph Catholic Parish, but it looked like a barn. I always felt more at ease there than at the fancy church downtown, although the metal folding chairs they originally had weren’t too comfortable! To my dismay, one of the pastors a few years back renamed the Annex: St Joseph South or something like that.

Anyway, when I was little, we had a great priest (note picture) whose name I can’t recall at this moment (Father O’Neil?). I always thought he looked JUST LIKE Jesus. In fact, I think a lot of us thought he WAS Jesus! He was kind and soft-spoken (not to mention the beard), just like I imagined Jesus would be. He left a few years after my first communion. Now where is that picture? I guess I’ll have to ask my mom.

Updated by Brad: The full-size scan of the picture is available.

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Who else can you recognize?

Jason Wenzlaff and Jeff Hylok are in the picture too. Can you spot them?

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