I LOVE Scanners!

Blast from the past

I just got up the courage to set up the scanner today. I have a few pictures that I wanted to reproduce—this being one of them. Every once in a while, the Town family likes to take this picture and torture others (especially Mom Town) with it by hiding it different places. Now everyone will be able to see this picture of Mom! I wanted to scan it before it could mysteriously disappear.

The Towns have a tendency to play this game with other items as well. Once I was looking through my music school bag and I discovered a cute Santa Claus dressed in ornate fabric. In fact, it played music when you pulled the string. I had no idea where this thing had come from! I instantly thought of my accompanist because he had a similar type of character in his office. I felt horribly guilty for accidentally acquiring his doll! When I came in for a lesson, he denied knowing anything about it! I was perplexed. Where had this musical figurine come from?

I few weeks later the truth came out as I described the situation to Brad’s family. Everyone laughed when they found out that I actually LIKED my Santa! Someone had stashed it in my belongings because they thought it was not appealing to have a pull-string in between Santa’s legs! Apparently the joke was on them this time!

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