Calling all squirrel catchers!

Not again!

Seriously, I can’t believe I’m dealing with this again! We had a rascally squirrel last year that our squirrel catcher couldn’t catch. After months of unreliable service, he finally just sealed up the hole in hopes that a new one wouldn’t be formed.

Today, I noticed a huge hole in our attic door while driving into the garage. Katrina mentioned hearing some scratching noises upstairs the other day during her nap in my bedroom. Now I know why!


(Comments from old site:)

G. Syntheosciurus

If you want to see little Elena again, you’ll put a jar of Jif Extra Crunchy next to the garage door and back away slowly.

You’ve been warned.

— Frank the Squirrel


You’d better stop your threats, bucko!

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