Spoken like a true Town

I was trying to get a group conversation going during lunch today. I started out by naming my favorite foods. Of course Katrina exclaimed that ice cream was her favorite. Elena, while looking at the cover of a Dora book with Boots eating cotton candy, exclaimed, “cotton candy!”

Then I asked them about their favorite things to do. I began to list my hobbies: arts/crafts, playing the piano, singing… Then I eagerly awaited their answers.

Katrina said, “Going on trips!” This makes sense since she’s always asking us when we can return to “our hotel” at either Splash Village or Sesame Place. In fact the other day, after preschool, she ran out of class and told me, “Instead of Sesame Place, can we go to Disney World in the summer?”

Then I turned to Elena for her response. “So what’s your favorite thing to do, Elena?”

Elena: “Watch a show.”


“What else do you like to do?”

“Watch another show.”

Figures that there would be yet another Town who loves TV as much as her father, grandmother, and Aunt Sarah.

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