April Fools

Yes, I admit I fibbed. Allan did not sleep in his crib the night before last. However, after an entire April Fools Day with no naps, Allan was exhausted and cranky—no joking! (We had no reason to go for a car ride, so Allan simply resisted all attempts during the day.)

We decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to try to convince Allan that the crib wasn’t so bad, after all! 45 minutes and many tears later (Sorry, Elizabeth Pantley), Allan fell asleep for a whopping hour. It was nighttime, so I fed him and put him in the crib again. He slept for another hour. I did notice that the one thing that seemed to help pacify Allan was a fuzzy washcloth. For some reason, if he could get a hold of it, Allan would put it near his mouth and suck his thumb/or the washcloth and finally go to sleep. The longest he slept was two, 2 1/2 hour sessions, but I also had to feed him because I was too frazzled and sleepy to listen to the crying. This is a big deal because previously, Allan would have immediately awoken upon being placed in the crib! I don’t know if it was his excessive sleepiness, but I’m hoping we’ll do this well or better tonight.

By the way, Brad did fool me yesterday. He sent me a link to a Rick Astley video and said, “you might find this interesting.” I watched the entire video, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” waiting for something funny to happen. I mean, I know that Rick Astley looks much whimpier than you’d imagine. Especially considering his deep, full voice. As I read the comments on YouTube, I noticed the remarks kept mentioning April Fools. I didn’t see anything funny, though. NOTHING.

Later, after talking with Brad about it, I discovered the joke was on me. How embarrassing.

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First, I should mention that we didn’t just let Allan cry by himself. I was in there talking to him. However, I am not his Favorite Person in the Whole Wide World, and he found that unacceptable.

Second, when I sent Helen a link to the “Never Gonna Give You Up” video by Rick Astley, I didn’t tell her anything about it. I just said something about finding it interesting. She watched the whole thing waiting for something interesting. Ha! I was hoping to Rickroll her, but I didn’t expect it to go so well!

Incidentally, YouTube was Rickrolling people yesterday. Every “Featured Video” on their main page went to that video. That might explain why that video gained several millions views in one day.

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