Things I accomplished this weekend

Because Helen and I reviewed all our actions regarding home improvement and automobile maintenance, and because my employer asked all its employees to take a couple days of vacation this month, I found myself doing some things around the house. Here’s a list of at least some of the things I got done from Thursday through Sunday:

  • Cleaned the lens on Katrina’s camera
  • Repaired the driver-side mirror in the Saturn using Super Glue
  • Repaired center console in Saturn
  • Fixed the speaker rattle in the Saturn’s driver door
  • Fixed the lock in the Saturn’s front passenger door
  • Fixed the molding on the Saturn’s right rear passenger door
  • Rerouted dangling cable below Saturn (and crushed the Saturn’s jack when it failed — thank God I wasn’t under the car. I bought a much better jack for it at Meijer)
  • Replaced the broken brake light on the Saturn
  • Patched the stoplight lens and backup-light lens on the Saturn
  • Patched the stoplight lens on the Odyssey
  • Ordered new CrocsRx Relief for Helen
  • Read and cleared codes on Saturn causing “Service Engine Soon” light to come on using a tool I purchased
  • Purchased replacement oxygen sensor for Saturn and researched what I’ll need to do to replace it
  • Replaced broken sprinkler head
  • Oiled hinges in pantry
  • Oiled chair in living room
  • Bought new drywall for attic entrance in garage
  • Repaired several holes and gouges in walls around the house
  • Ordered new coffee maker for Helen, a programmable one with auto shutoff
  • Ordered new dishwasher; will be delivered on Tuesday, at which time I will install it myself
  • Replaced the fan in the master bathroom with one roughly six times more powerful (also required new duct work and framing in the attic, cutting ceiling drywall, caulking, etc.)
  • Patched and painted the wall in the first-floor bathroom (after removing shoddy first attempt)
  • Painted latches for shutters in master bathroom
  • Installed MacGourmet, a slick recipe organizer for Helen’s Mac, and input most of the recipes she had in separate files on her computer


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