“I’ll be right back.”

Helen and I were watching The McLaughlin Group from December 30, the second part of their “2007 Year-End Awards”. They were doing the “15 Minutes of Fame” award. Pat Buchanan had nominated the Middle East peace plan, Eleanor Clift had nominated Senator Larry Craig, and Monica Crowley had nominated Howard K. Stern when we heard something in the girls’ bedroom.

I went to their room expecting to have to tell Elena to be quiet and go to sleep, because that’s what I normally have to do. Instead, Helen and I found ourselves having to bathe Elena, wash all her bedding, and wash and dry her doggie, which in recent days has been a close friend. (Fun fact #1: “Popsicle” is actually a brand name. Fun fact #2: The purple color from two Kroger-brand frozen pops comes out pretty easily if you get to it early.) We got her back in bed with new sheets (and a few towels as insurance) before too long, and she was only mildly upset that she didn’t have her princess sheets.

One day, no puking. Too much to ask? I don’t think so. And please keep in mind that Katrina and Allan have not shown any symptoms. Are we lucky, or are we extremely unlucky?

I only just now got to hear Clarence Page and John McLaughlin’s nominees — Sanjaya Malakar and Andrew Speaker, respectively. Good suggestions all.

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