That one last Christmas decoration!

It never fails. Every year, a few days after carefully packing away loads upon loads of Christmas decorations, a very prominent Christmas knick-knack stands mocking me for missing that one item.

This year was going to be different. In fact, I called my mother-in-law, who has so graciously supplied me with at least two extra-large Sterilite bins of Christmas figurines over the last 15 years. That’s a lot of figurines to put away, not to mention the multitudes of Fontanini nativity set figurines and buildings that I’ve been collecting, and, of course there are the four boxes of ornaments! Oh, and we can’t forget the odds & ends! Some of these include the cheesy 70’s-style plastic bells that I’d inherited from Brad’s Mom. I like to hang those up in the doorways which Brad tends to walk through frequently. His head knocks into them every time—then I laugh hysterically as he gets mad.

Anyway, during our conversation, I found that my mother-in-law has the same trouble. This woman has an amazing ability to decorate her house beautifully for Christmas! She also has about tens times the decor that I do! I figured since now I had verbally expressed my concern about leftover Christmas items, that I would certainly get every bit put away successfully.

Well, this afternoon I found it. The three foot high snowman was sitting on our counter in the basement. CURSES!

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Thanks for the compliment!

Thanks for the compliment! I still have all my Christmas stuff up and guess I’ll have to dust the ornaments off as I put them away-when, I don’t know. I always forget a couple of items,usually a cup in the dishwasher or something hanging on a doorknob. Waiting for the snow to start up since we are supposed to get a few inches of lake effect. I have to get back to work. Kiss the babies for Papa & me. Love Ya…Mom P.S.Dad is having a rough time with his back now. Maybe sympathy pains?

No way!

I do the exact same thing! Today, I discovered a reindeer apron that’s been hanging on a wall in my kitchen. I’ve probably walked past it 200 times since I put away my decorations!


I noticed that cute apron, but never even thought to tell you about it! Now I feel guilty!

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