And the winner is … Mama!

Can someone please pass the disinfectant?

Allan had quite the exciting week, with the introduction of solids and all. Unfortunately, his bowels weren’t so excited. After the 2 1/2 tablespoons of rice cereal, I decided that it was time to introduce some sweet potatoes instead. On Thursday and Friday, Allan ate a container of stage one sweet potatoes. Surely this would jump start those bowels, right? By Saturday, I was really getting nervous. So was Brad. And most importantly, so was Allan. Somehow Brad convinced Allan that it was time to just let it go. When Brad changed his diaper, he was surprised to see only a small amount of substance. We knew more was coming. We could smell it in the air. The clock was ticking. Allan was miserable all day.

On Sunday Brad excitedly brought Allan to me and said, “This is for you.” I politely refused his offer to allow me the privilege of changing Allan’s poopie diaper. Alas, when Brad went to change him, there was Nothing! False alarm.

After Brad went upstairs for an afternoon nap, I placed Allan in the exersaucer so I could practice some music. Allan became fussy after a few minutes, so I decided to take him out. As I lifted him out of the saucer and onto the changing pad I noticed there were globules of poop running down his legs. Allan was so happy and giggly. Then I looked at the exersaucer. Surprisingly, Allan’s poop had propelled out of his onesie right onto the base of the saucer! There was no poop on the fabric seat! Katrina was kind enough to photograph this amazing feat.

I think I must have gone through half a bag of wipes in order to clean the boy off. He kept grabbing his dirty socks and spreading his mess everywhere.

As usual, Brad lucked out on this one.

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That is just gross.

Poor Allan. He will surely have some very - uh- interesting pictures to show his family some day.


It’s all part of my evil plan.

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