I would rather see them in order

I’ve really enjoyed the show Dexter on CBS, but I missed the first few episodes. Furthermore, I knew that I was seeing the sanitized version, and I wanted to see the original in all its cursing, gory glory. (“Motherlover”? Please.) I added the first couple of seasons to the top of my Netflix queue, making sure that the disks were in the right order.

Late last week I got the first two disks. More precisely, I got disk 2 one day, then disk 1 the next, even though they were sent out the same day. A little frustrating, sure, but no big deal. Disk 2 just sat there, mocking me that first day, but I could take it. Then today, expecting disks 3 and 4, I received only disk 4. And we might be leaving town before we get the mail tomorrow, so I’ll have to wait until Sunday night or Monday before I can see the next episodes. Maybe I’ll just stall for time.

A serial drama about a serial killer, and I can’t get the disks in the right order. The irony is delicious.

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