On childhood illnesses and febrile seizures

I hate ’em.

Special thanks go out to the Salvation Army, from whence Katrina’s noisy bed frame came, and the television show New Amsterdam, the program I was watching downstairs when I heard said frame.

(Comments from old site:)

Poor baby!

Was this last night? Is she okay now?

She ran downstairs to see me

She ran downstairs to see me this morning exclaiming, “I feel much better, now!” I have to take Elena in for a possible UTI today, so Katrina’s going to get examined as well. It’s been two years since her last febrile seizure. She has no symptoms of the cold the rest of us have, so I don’t know where she got the fever from.

Update (12:04pm): While we were playing Candyland, Katrina lay down on the floor and said, “I’m tired.” I checked her temp and it was about 101 degrees. I guess my drug concoction from last night finally wore off.

Elena was at 100.4. Both girls got a dose of acetaminophen and a popsicle. Katrina wanted her popsicle to warm up because it was “too cold!”. I convinced her to drink her beverage, though. Now they’re both in bed trying to fight off this lovely virus. Allan finally passed out in the bouncy seat since I didn’t take him for a ride in the car as I often do in the mornings. (p.s. he has developed a little cough today, too.)

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