Two hospitals, one day (updated)

I’ve had it with hospitals for a while.

First I took Elena to Providence Park Hospital today to have an ultrasound, and I was lucky enough to get to listen to her scream and cry for Mama and for them to put her diaper back on (she needed a catheter, which was the main source of the stress). I stopped and got her a chocolate milk shake at McDonald’s.

Tonight, while Helen was at the dentist, I was home with the kids. When I told the girls we were going to feed Allan, they got pretty excited — Katrina slipped while running to the chair next to Allan and slammed her chin onto the edge of the chair. When I saw blood on her chin from a half-inch gash, I called the dentist’s office to ask Helen to get home as soon as she could.

Katrina did well at the ER at Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital. I got her a chocolate milk shake at McDonald’s, too.

Updated Thursday: Katrina didn’t get stitches, thankfully. She got Steri-Strips, and she was happy they were still there this morning.

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You’re such a good Dada.

You’re such a good Dada. Can I have a chocolate shake too?

Chocolate shake

At a buck-ninety a pop? For the child size? No way.

Cheepskate. Sheesh.

Cheepskate. Sheesh.

How do I stop posting

How do I stop posting anonymous comments?

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