Pistons logo for Harmony 880 remote

Are you a Detroit Pistons fan? Do you have a Harmony 880 remote control? Then this Pistons background for the Harmony 880 is for you! (Note: It should also work on a Harmony 890.)

I used The GIMP to do the image editing.

  • I downloaded the gradient background from j3’s Harmony 880 site.
  • I downloaded the Pistons logo from answers.com.
  • I resized the background to 400x500 (the same ratio as 128x160) using Cubic interpolation and saved it to a PNG (which doesn’t use lossy compression).
  • I created a new image of size 400x500.
  • I opened the new background PNG as a layer.
  • I opened the logo PNG as a layer.
  • I changed the opacity of the logo layer to 20% so it won’t make the display hard to read.
  • I saved it to The GIMP’s native file format in case you want to change something.
  • I resized the image to 128x160 using Cubic interpolation.
  • I saved the image as a GIF.

I did most of the image manipulation at 400x500 and resized after because the edges of the logo were too jagged when I did everything at 128x160.

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