Safari for Windows

The twain shall meet

I just installed Safari for Windows, released today as a public beta. First impressions:

  • The font smoothing defaults to “Medium” and is pretty strong. I recognize that it’s closer to the font smoothing on the Mac, but some fonts such as Candara just look wrong.
  • Middle-clicking doesn’t work the same as in Internet Explorer or Firefox. Sure, it opens links in another tab, but it doesn’t open bookmarks in another tab and it doesn’t close existing tabs.
  • It’s pretty responsive. iTunes for Windows has always seemed a bit sluggish to me, so I was a little worried about Safari for Windows.

I’ll leave it installed for now, especially since it will help with predicting what a web page will look like on the Mac’s default browser. However, even after it’s out of beta, I don’t predict switching to it from Firefox as my main browser — I’ve got Firefox customized just the way I want it. You give me ad blocking and countless add-ons and we’ll talk.

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