Vacation, Day 5 (continued)

When we left Philadelphia, we headed west toward Lancaster. On the way, we decided to look for a store that might carry a charger for the Canon battery. When we got to Exton, we stopped at a Kmart. I went in with Elena because we didn’t want her waking up Katrina, but I didn’t find anything other than directions to a Circuit City just a mile or two away.

We drove to Circuit City. Again, Elena and I went in and I searched for a while, but I couldn’t find a charger that would charge our battery.

We drove back to the area with the Kmart because there was a mall there. Turns out the mall is pretty nice. I thought I’d look in Radio Shack there — someone at Circuit City said there was one in there — but once inside (just me this time — no overtired, misbehaving Elena), I saw they had a place called The Camera Shop. Now that was promising.

Once there, I told the clerk my situation, and he offered to charge the battery for free. Isn’t that great? He could have made me purchase a charger I don’t need, but he didn’t. So, if you ever find yourself in Exton, Pennsylvania, and you need camera supplies, I recommend The Camera Shop in the mall.

(By the way, it’s a nice mall. Reminded Helen of the Somerset Collection, and she didn’t even go inside. Had she been in there, it would have reinforced that impression.)

Charging the battery took some time, so we went to On the Border back near the Circuit City. I thought a familiar place would do us some good. We ate, hit the mall, got the battery, and took off for our hotel.

The drive to the hotel took some time, but we eventually got there. I had to help the guy from the front desk carry the crib up the stairs to the room (thaaat’s right), then Helen and I put the little ladies to bed.

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