Vacation, Day 6: Our Anniversary

Happy days

Today we went to the National Watch and Clock Museum and the National Christmas Center. Father Time, Father Christmas, and Father Brad still weren’t enough to keep Katrina and Elena from running around and disobeying us. I know they’re overtired, but then again, so are Helen and I.

Both places were pretty cool. I would have liked to see more of each, but that’s okay. I took a bunch of pictures in the hopes that I could read the descriptions and look at the items later.

After those places and long naps at the hotel, we hit the water park that just happened to be part of the hotel we stayed in. We weren’t there long, but that was to be expected. We got cleaned up, had dinner (Quiznos and leftovers), then went to some outlets half an hour before they closed so we could see the QVC outlet.

We’re back in the hotel room. Everyone’s asleep — even Elena, who fought it tooth and nail — so I guess I’d better get some sleep too.

Oh, and happy anniversary to us. Nine years.

Quote of the day: “No, I want the sharing book!” (I love irony.)

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