We made it to Sesame Street!

After looking back on the last few days, I can’t even believe we made it to Sesame Place in the first place! For one thing, I had started contracting on Thursday afternoon after spending a little too much time in the 89 degree heat earlier that day. The contractions stopped after I went to sleep, but returned the following afternoon as I was trying to pack the final items for our trip.
We made it a whole 3 miles that Friday evening as we stopped at our local McDonald’s, when Katrina exclaimed, “I don’t have my shoes!” In horror, I turned to look at her feet and saw that, in fact, Katrina DID NOT have her comfy walking sandals, but her fancy white dress shoes! Prior to our departure, Katrina had been running around with her fancy shoes on—something she considers pure entertainment. We were already running late by 45 minutes (according to my timeline) and another 3 minutes was COMPLETELY unacceptable, but necessary. Ah well.

to be continued…

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