Vacation, Day 5

It turns out the best thing Helen did for this vacation was bring along her computer and the USB cable for the camera. I’d be much more upset if we had lost the little camera and all the pictures we’d taken thus far. Instead, the only pictures we lost were from last night’s dinner and the Franklin Institute Science Center. Sure, I was pretty upset about it, but things could have been worse. For example, it could have been all our pictures, or I could have lost the big camera rather than the point-and-shoot Kodak.

The weather was beautiful, which of course had us thinking about the previous two weather-affected days at Sesame Place. I don’t regret going when we did, though, because it didn’t really change what Katrina and Elena did at the park. (Case in point: At Sesame Place, Katrina asked me if I liked warm water or cold water. “Warm water,” I replied. “I like cold water!” she said as she splashed around in the wading pool.)

We went to the Franklin Institute Science Museum after driving around looking for a parking space for eight days. I ended up dropping them off near the museum and parking somewhere in New Jersey, which it turns out is surprisingly close. Katrina got to climb around in a giant heart (wouldn’t pictures of this be great?) and see a man dissect a sheep’s heart. Elena got to get in trouble several times for not listening to us.

Helen was surprised and happy to see that there was a Tutankhamun exhibit. I was surprised too, especially since I’d been singing Steve Martin’s song King Tut that morning without knowing about the exhibit. The stuff in there was beautiful (no photography of any kind was permitted, so that’s two reasons I have no pictures from this part). My favorite part was when Katrina loudly announced that she had to go potty. Those Egyptians really knew how to do death!

My mind was totally elsewhere. Losing the camera shortly before the King Tut exhibit was occupying most of my processing power. How were we going to take pictures? We had the big camera, but no batteries for it — the 30D takes a special rechargeable battery. We’d have to find a store that’d be likely to carry the right thing …

Whoops. Elena just woke up from her nap. I’ll have to finish this later — I’ve got to get us ready to meet Helen and Katrina at the water park we didn’t know about in the hotel we’re in here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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